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OMG!!! This was a great visual novel. My partner and I played it together and at the end, we wanted more stories from this world! The character designs are awesome and the friends of jaime are funny. Really hope there's a part 2 or another story in this world! GREAT JOB!

i'm going to be playing this game soon and i could already see how cute this game is going to be! thank you for this.. tired for spooky stuff LOL!

This was such a cute game! The artstyle is so charming, specially the colors. And the dialogue with the group chat was HILARIOUS! You should make a full game with that vibe. Overall, loved it!

I had a lot of fun playing "Dreaming by Day" If you want to check out this review I did here is the link!

This was great! I really love your art and color scheme. The UI for the messaging was also super cool! 

Hazel and Kierra's designs were fantastic. 
I did feel like I might be a bit old for the humor though!! 

I've added to my show case on my itch page, if you'd rather it wasn't there just let me know :) 

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

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The story was really good, I kinda like Kierra because of her friendly personality UwU

Just want to give a suggestion, maybe you can add some more choices or different endings so the game will be more fun. 

(Edit: Also I like Hazel's personality too, she is kind eventhough she appeared to be rude and salty in the beginning of the game)

What a great mini novel! I'd love a feral clown pov to be honest

The story is a good idea. It would be great if the "dream sequence" was longer to enjoy it even more. Maybe also invent more choices to make it more difficult to get back?

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Thought the game was fantastic! Thank you for making it, made my day so much better! [I totally didn't get the riddle wrong...]