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this game is too cute!!

thank you!! :^)

this is cute and happy and gay

pretty much everything I look for in a game :)

glad to hear it! :^) i tend to look for the same hehe

Finished all the possible endings and branching paths, really nice relaxing mini game.

thank you! :^)

The game was so relaxing :) and cute

thank you! :^) 

This was so cute! And your art is so lovely - the colors are amazing and the triptych is really cool!

thank you celia!! :>

This was such a sweet game to play! I still have one more ending to get!!!

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thank you for playing it! glad to hear you're enjoying it :>

This is such a adorable and sweet game! I can't wait to see more stuff from you :D

thank you! i'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :>