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I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

i love jellicube's games so much! they're so cute and i definitely recommend this game!

This was literally one of the cutest games I've played! It was so simple but adorable!! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are so cute!


short and sweet :)

Just watched Girbeagly play this game. It was so cute!! 

Really cute and neat little game that hit unfortunately close to home

I loved this so much! The different endings were great. The romantic one was especially nice! The art style is so simplistic, and I was wondering where you got you're inspiration? Again, I adored this game!! <3

im glad to hear you enjoyed it! :^) as for inspiration, i remember first choosing a color palette and working from that. the art was also kept fairly simplistic as i only had 1 week to work on it. i was also trying to incorporate things i had learned from making my first visual novel, stuck @ home! i can't remember if i had any other specific inspirations.. thanks for the question!

This is a lovely, cute  game! I love the designs of Rose and Jackie and their interactions  with each other. It’s really sweet. 10 / 10

Heyo had fun showcasing this game 

i didn't know there was 3 other endings until i checked the page after my playthrough;;

But i liked the route i picked and i made a video:


this game is too cute!!

thank you!! :^)

this is cute and happy and gay

pretty much everything I look for in a game :)

glad to hear it! :^) i tend to look for the same hehe

Finished all the possible endings and branching paths, really nice relaxing mini game.

thank you! :^)

The game was so relaxing :) and cute

thank you! :^) 

This was so cute! And your art is so lovely - the colors are amazing and the triptych is really cool!

thank you celia!! :>

This was such a sweet game to play! I still have one more ending to get!!!

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thank you for playing it! glad to hear you're enjoying it :>

This is such a adorable and sweet game! I can't wait to see more stuff from you :D

thank you! i'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :>