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Hello, is there any chance that you could release this game for mac?

i think it should work on mac as is!

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Hi, Lynnaira. I recently just watched a video of your game on I'm new to this website and I'm really interested in downloading your game. I have a Chromebook, and do you think that your game is compatible with that? Thank you so much!

- Jenn <3

i'm not sure, but after doing some research it looks like it's probably not compatible.. sorry!

Thanks for checking! I completely understand:)

Aww I wanted to play this game but unfortunatley it is not on windows :(

as far as i know, it should work on windows? i'm using windows and it seems to work fine (sorry for the late reply whoops)

I loved this game so much. It was great in terms of having really funny moments along with the serious issue. I look forward to anything else you do! I also made a video for the game!

thank you so much! i just watched your video, and i'm glad you liked it! :)

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thank you! i do have a twitter (@Lynnaira_), but i havent used it very much 0_0;; i do plan on tweeting more in the future thoug

Is this kid friendly?

ah, there's a bit of swearing and stuff. i don't think i'd really recommend it if you're looking for kid friendly things

Ok. Thanks though!

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i really liked this game!! it inspired me to create my own, if you want to please continue making visual novels bc i related to this alot.

aw, thank you! i'm glad i could inspire you :O i do plan to make more in the future!

oh god the references and memes were funny! some parts touched me deep,, i wish my friends would say the same as Skipper and Dahlia did in the game... thank you!!

omg.. thank you so much!! im really glad you enjoyed it and could relate to it.. :>

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