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This game was amazing, i wish i'd played it earlier. 10/10 

This game was so heartwarming! It really hit close to home for me. I did a playthrough of it for my channel--

Hello! I adored your game it was wonderfully designed and had such a sweet sense of humour! Well done for making such an awesome game in only a  few days! I made a let's play of your game here-


I didn't even play it yet, but I can already say that I love it!

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Loved the game, the design is so cool and the story is very relatable, congrats and hope to see more of your work ^^

woAH buddy this has homestuck references?? im playing this asap thank you for existing

Nice , My friend will enjoy playing this! :3

This was adorable!! My heart was so warmed from this....;_; thank youuu

This game was so perfect for me bc i am a highschool student!! under the stress of exams and growing up and college and anxiety ! So I'm so glad I stumbled upon this game ^^ (Dahlia and Skipper remind me of my own friends actually! They even look like them which is a bit scary honestly, haha. I'll definitely go hang out with them as soon as I can :3)

aw, im glad this resonated with you so much! :^) thank you!


This is it : a heavy psych problem approached by sweet dialogue with such caring friends (and life reflexion in the monologue of MC) :')

I liked it ^^ The art was great, the topic was deep, the exchange between everyone (on the ending I got, anyway) was interesting and uplifting, and I liked the Homestuck references I saw :P

I made a let's play for my channel as well. I only went through one ending, but I hope it helps! 

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'm also glad you understood the homestuck references haha :^)

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I think it's very beautifully illustrated and the game play is well done. Personally, I think the game was sweet but could have been a really good chance to touch on difficult topics like post-graduation depression, Post Commencement Stress Disorder and Anxiety. I think it tried to touch on them in an informing way, but I don't think it was done well. I would suggest for games like this, which start discussing mental health, getting an advisor that you may know. If you are close with any psychiatrists or psychologists, it couldn't hurt to ask for advice.

sorry, I can't launtch it. But I like the illustrations pretty much.

aw, sorry to hear that! thank you though

i would have changed the language of "lie" to "avoid" when making a decision because i think that's how people justify it when they do so when they're depressed, for me at least. great game, art style was wicked and the music was fun

yeah, i probably could have phrased some things better! glad to hear you still enjoyed it though :>

i dunno how to describe that feeling when you find something relatable, but i am personally going through a similar stage in life as the main character, so i'm glad glad you made it and i came across it :)

This was awesome! Great jokes, though I unfortunately didn't get the Homestuck reference. Damn!

thanks! and yeah, i think a lot of people didn't get it.. my bad lol

This was great to play, loved it!

thank you! :>

I liked this! Covered it on my channel

i'm glad you liked it! :>

This game is fantastic. Short and sweet- but I really, really loved it. The introspectiveness of the MC was actually relatable and realistic. (rare) It made me kind of sadly nostalgic of a time period where I, too, was isolated and didn't know what I was going to do in the future. The beautiful music just complimented that kind of "stuck" nature of the emotions there. On the flip side, the interactions with Skipper and Dahlia felt like real conversations I would have with my friends. Every ending filled me with different emotions- elation, regret. You did a really good job at putting this all together. Good work! I'll be looking forward to seeing more from you ( :

ahh, im really glad this resonated with you! :'> thank you for your kind words

The story is very interesting and fresh! I enjoyed it x) I can't wait to see your future games

thank you! :

Amazing game and props to the developer! This really sends you to Feeladelphia and felt I could really relate myself to the main character.

Here is a video I did with a short review. Looking forward to your next game!

thank you! im glad to hear you could relate to it and that you enjoyed it :

You remind me of "Cinnamon Toast Ken" lol.. i don't know why xd

Are you stuck at home too? Watch this video!

thank you for playing my game! :> i hope you enjoyed it

I really really liked it! (:

im glad to hear that

This game was really fun and interesting to play. I really like the art style and concept of the game. I hope I got the story right and showed the most of the game.

I made a video -

I really enjoyed this game, thanks for making it :)

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thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it :>

This game made me laugh and reminisce and made me feel things that I shouldn't be feeling. Honestly, I felt like I was really talking to my friends because of all the puns, internet slang and everything. (We do that sometimes. All the time.)

So, yes. This game is brilliant and really speaks to me.

aw, i'm happy to hear that! thank you :> i'm glad you enjoyed it

Really, really, really, really great game. Actually, one of the best novels i've ever played.

While playing this, i felt like Skiper and Dahlia was actually talking to me. Even if this sound extremelly weird, i was feeling comforted by them :p

Anyways, the game is incredible, the art is incredible, so was the ost. Love it.

Ps: sorry bt the grammar, i'm from Brazil


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thank you! this comment is incredibly sweet and i'm glad you enjoyed it! :> (and your grammar was good! no worries)

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Oh, you're so sweetie! Thanks for the reply!

Will you and your sister make more games? Cause i really love this :p

i definitely think we'll make more games! :>

Hope so! :3

I resonated with this on a personal level. Good game

thank you! :>

Simply Spectacular

thank you! :>

Guys I cant open the game and I cannot find the instructions.... Can anyone help me?

after downloading the zip file, you'll need to unzip it and run the .exe file!

Thanks, I've managed to get it working now,I was just a bit confused. :)

no problem, i'm glad you got it working! :>

did a gameplay of your game cute game :3

thank you! i hope you enjoyed it :

I loved the game! I made a video doing a review / LP of it! It was a wonderful well thoughtout game !

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thank you! i'm very glad you enjoyed it and will definitely check out the video :>

Game was very well made! HELLA props to you. My video doesnt do this rad game justice but here it is! Loved ur game bruh.

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thanks very much for playing my game! im glad you enjoyed it :>

I fell in love with your game, dev. It was funny, yet serious all at once. You really took the relationship between friends and laid it bare. Thank you, for such a great game! I'm glad I got the good end, though I may go back to see if there's anything else.

Here's my gameplay:


aw, thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it so much!! :>

Played your game. Really enjoyed it.
Stuck @ Home

thank you! :>

Welcome :)

Hello, is there any chance that you could release this game for mac?

i think it should work on mac as is!

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Hi, Lynnaira. I recently just watched a video of your game on I'm new to this website and I'm really interested in downloading your game. I have a Chromebook, and do you think that your game is compatible with that? Thank you so much!

- Jenn <3

i'm not sure, but after doing some research it looks like it's probably not compatible.. sorry!

Thanks for checking! I completely understand:)

Aww I wanted to play this game but unfortunatley it is not on windows :(

as far as i know, it should work on windows? i'm using windows and it seems to work fine (sorry for the late reply whoops)

I loved this game so much. It was great in terms of having really funny moments along with the serious issue. I look forward to anything else you do! I also made a video for the game!

thank you so much! i just watched your video, and i'm glad you liked it! :)

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thank you! i do have a twitter (@Lynnaira_), but i havent used it very much 0_0;; i do plan on tweeting more in the future thoug

Is this kid friendly?

ah, there's a bit of swearing and stuff. i don't think i'd really recommend it if you're looking for kid friendly things

Ok. Thanks though!

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i really liked this game!! it inspired me to create my own, if you want to please continue making visual novels bc i related to this alot.

aw, thank you! i'm glad i could inspire you :O i do plan to make more in the future!

oh god the references and memes were funny! some parts touched me deep,, i wish my friends would say the same as Skipper and Dahlia did in the game... thank you!!

omg.. thank you so much!! im really glad you enjoyed it and could relate to it.. :>

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