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Aww, the good end was sweet! Dahlia and Skipper is the type of friends that I've been looking for.

Related a little too much to this game. Unfortunately I got the bad ending in real life, ended up pushing all my friends away and dropping out. This game reminded me of all the good times we used to have. Never been touched by a game more

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I like this game! It tells that you should get out of the house and spend time with your friends (or necessities)!

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

are there multiple endings? good art direction and the dialogue is good. you could work a lot of different personalities into this i'm sure. thanks 

i love this game

o m g love this! reminds me a lot of being in high school n not just because of my secret homestuck obsession in the tenth grade. can't believe you made this in a week bruh, i made a game once and its literally so bad its only redeeming factor is . nothing. but this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love this game! i thought it was gonna be at least a little bit sucky since it was made in a short amount of time but nOpE, i loved the game so much! GJ ^_^

I really loved this game, during my first playthrough, which didn't record properly, I really wanted to cry at some parts.

I also made a video:


I love this game, the pop culture references,the art and also the realism.

never has a game touched me so much I wanted to cry.



I came here looking for a homestuck reference and was not dissapointed



this game was lovely. i love games where i can relate to the main character. it has made me want to go watch a sunset with my friends.

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