a short twine game made for the harvest mouse jam.

the theme is "spring"



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Wow, this was really chilling and moving. Thank you for sharing your experience, I love how you write. Keep moving forward, Spring will come for you! 

Thank you for sharing this experience - I wish you all the best with your recovery! Please keep writing more.


As a fellow chronically ill, this really struck hard with me. Sometimes almost too hard. Especially this bit:

"you hate causing trouble for others. you don't like being fussed over.

you pride yourself on being a model patient. the nurses always comment on how quiet you are. how you never need anything. this comforts you slightly, to be unobtrusive."

I felt exACTLY the same way. I hope in some small way, making this helped you. It helps me to know that I'm not alone in these experiences. Much love, you deserve the best. <3

thank you for sharing your experience <3 i love your writing style